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ILAN GONEN has obtained his MD degree from the State University in Milan, Italy, after which he continued with post-graduate training in Oncology in Tel Aviv, Israel. In l989, after graduating in Healthcare Management & Administration from Bar Ilan University, he managed one of the largest health management organizations in Israel.

In 2000 Dr. Gonen joined General Electric as a special adviser in the R&D health care division. In this capacity he contributed to the company's technological developments and business decisions. His next employment was with the Eureko group of insurance companies, where he was member of the board of its health division. Since the early 2000s he has been running TGD, a Romania-based Clinical Research Organization, leading it to become the largest specialty research center in the country.


AVRAHAM KARASIK M.D., Professor and vice Dean Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Professor Karasik graduated from the Hadassah Medical School, Hebrew University after which he completed a 3 years fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He also holds a Master degree in Healthcare Administration from the Tel-Aviv University. Prof Karasik is current head of Endocrinology and past Chairman of Medicine at the Sheba Medical Centre Israel. He has served as Chairman of the Scientific Section of the Israeli Diabetes Association, Chairman of the Israeli Association of Research and Treatment of Obesity and as co-chair of the 1st -4th international congresses on Prediabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

Professor Karasik's research interests include insulin trans-membrane signaling, mechanisms of obesity-induced insulin resistance and prevention of type 2 diabetes. He is an author on over 80 publications in the best journals of his disciplines. He has often served as a PI on multi-national industry trials as well as his own trials. He has been involved in drug development and worked for the R&D departments of Merck US and Teva Israel and advised biotech companies which are developing drugs in his areas of expertise.


MICHAEL DAVIDSON M.D., is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Tel Aviv University Medical School and Chief Editor of one of the most prestigious journals in neuroscience. Professor Davidson has published over 250 articles in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals, including Lancet and Science, and has been the Principal Investigator on research grants funded by the US National Institute of Health and other European governmental agencies.

Since the late 1980s he was one of the pioneering investigators who, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, have brought to market the currently available drug treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and for Schizophrenia.


PAULL RADU M.D., Head of Clinical Operations at TGD, obtained his MD degree at Carol Davilla Medical School in Bucharest, and worked for more than 15 years in clinical trials and research for the pharmaceutical industry.

He has been Medical Director and Administrator of a local Romanian CRO - branch of IMITIS SAS - now RPS Europe, and - Senior Research Physician, at the Clinical Research Center, R&D Division at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center conducting more than 120 early phase Clinical Trials.

Medical specialization: OB and Internal Medicine/Geriatrics M.A.

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